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2023 Q1 Roadmap

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10 things I realized in 2022 (Part 1)

Four phases of a company

Non-profit Paradox

Values I care now

Dear Budi: How do you know it was no longer a fit?

My reading backlogs, Quitting Govtech, and 2023

Being methodical

Design exploration: How to come up with wide-range of alternatives

Situation / Proposal Template (Video)


Why acquisition strategy is critical for your product and how to think about it

How to avoid burnout: Change your view of productivity

Action plan: Build a strong thesis and talk to users


On strategic differentiation

Disagree then commit

Dear Budi: How to handle conflict with people?

Intuition and data

How to define value proposition

13 notes on user research

How to define problem to solve

How to define the target customers

Do things that don't scale

Switching cost

PMF narrative template

PMF Narrative

Need vs want

Field study: Observing the piece of the reality of your users to help your team set the strategy

Don't rush during your interview

Dear Budi: My team is focusing on the revenue. I feel we have no clear direction. How can I define a strategic direction?

Outcomes, not outputs

What is product discovery and why should you care about it?

Table of contents

Problem solving principles

Interesting insights vs. Useful insights

How to identify the acute problem users actually have

"Next month, I'll quit my job"

Dear Budi: What is the purpose of being a product manager or product designer?

Vitamin vs. Painkiller

Dear Budi: How to be strategic in designing onboarding experience?

Steps to build persona that works in the real-world

No need for the formal research report

July 2022 recap & what on August

Trust Battery

Is persona useless?

Dear Budi: What cadences do you run in your team?

Build an opportunity backlog to cure "we'll improve it next time" that never happen

Dear Budi: Make your 30 days onboarding plan

How to prepare your one-on-one as an individual contributor (with template)

On project management


On routine, quantifying a problem, and moving to a new role

Decision-first approach: A research approach to create an actionable insight (with template)

How to give feedback and handle conflict

About designing an onboarding experience

May 2022 Recap: Most loved posts

5 steps to effectively manage your time (with template)

Principles to scope design work

How to scope product design work

Problem rundown activity

How to deal with underperforming employee

Principles on career advancement

How to get promoted (with template)

Look forward: May 2022 newsletter topics

How writing can help you to think clearly and be more articulate (with example)

Product Strategy — Part 5: Acquisition channels

Product Strategy — Part 4: Strategic differentiation

Product Strategy — Part 3: Identify your value proposition

Advice for transitioning to a new job

Product Strategy — Part 2: Define the problem space

How to choose the target audience for your product (Product Strategy — Part 1)

Product strategy - Introduction

Organizing information in interface design

Should you pursue happiness?

Find time for deep work

Old friends

Community discussion: How to get that first product design job?

Dual-track development

Avoid instant culture

Essential skills to enter Product Design

Being a beginner is necessary