First, we start with "Who is it for?"
That’s what people say when you’re about to quit the company.

February 2023

If you're genuinely interested in something, learning will be effortless.
It’s challenging to grow as a product designer or product manager.
Why do you feel this tingling sense of trust when you look at Apple's logo?
We ask a similar question in product development: How do we know if a solution is working?
Part II: Estimate your adoption rate

January 2023

Part 1: Define your core action (with a small prompt for you to exercise)
I usually organize my week with to-do lists. The tasks that I want to do to help me progress with my goals. But sometimes, only doing the tasks feel dry…
A private space for us to converse and connect
Just like we play a game. We must balance the offense and defense.
The first prompt for this newsletter!