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Who am I?

Hi, I'm Budi Tanrim. I'm currently working as a Group Product Manager at GovTech (previously Senior Principal Product Designer). We’re supporting Indonesia's Ministry of Education. We're on the mission to improve student learning outcomes. To see more of my professional journey, go to my LinkedIn.

What I can offer is a practical perspective from my experience in the product design industry for about 12 years. I also made a transition to the product management world, so I know how it feels on both sides.

This newsletter is for everyone who wants to continually improve and become a better problem-solver.

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Twitter avatar for @caesarzknCaesar @caesarzkn
Journal via @buditanrim . The last article tell us 5 key points to be better designer and also better human. Thanks for always write an insightful content !Budi TanrimBudi Tanrim’s blog on problem solving, design practice, and
Twitter avatar for @deaizwellNurdea P. Mashar @deaizwell
Belum lama follow twitter mas @buditanrim terus mampir ke wah langsung suka sama gaya nulisnya dan isi pembahasannya, gak panjang2 tapi dapat intinya.. Dari tulisannya nemu jawaban yang related dengan problem. Thank you for sharing mas Budi 😁Budi TanrimBudi Tanrim’s blog on problem solving, design practice, and