It’s challenging to grow as a product designer or product manager.

December 2022

How do you know it was no longer a fit? I understand company and people evolve. I am curious about the thought process here and how you approached it.

October 2022

People come from different backgrounds, experiences, and values. You will, no matter where, meet people who don't meet eye to eye with you.
Start with a qualitative hypothesis, then utilize it for research purpose to understand customers' mental model

September 2022

Dear Budi: My team is really focused on the revenue. I'm a product manager, and I feel like my team has been blindly building anything that can increase…

August 2022

Our job as a product practitioner is...
Onboarding is about minimizing the setup moment, so users can reach to the valuable moment.

July 2022

Four cadences that essential for my team: Sync up, Discovery playback, Co-design, and talk to users
Dear Budi, I'm getting a new job. So, I'm thinking about making an onboarding plan to smooth my transition. Can you write about any tips on how to make…