in your previous post, you wrote that "the culture fit is no longer there"... i feel like this is the people aspect (relationships, capabilities, chemistry)... i'm wondering what's your experience like in coping with this part of culture change, and how much it influenced the other values you listed

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The situation didn't influence the value exercise I did.

The situation was a trigger. It puts me in the position of: what the heck am I doing here?

This trigger then pushes me to start redefining what I want to do in my life. Then I re-assess it with the value exercise.

You can imagine, if I'm unhappy with the current organization, I could just move to another organization. That is what could happen if I had not reflected on what I care about.

But because I did this value exercise, I feel like I know what my mission is. Then it guides me to make some hard decisions.

The coping part: I just deal with it haha. Do my best.

Hope this makes sense.

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haha indeed, coping past the threshold puts things in clearer perspective. without the reflection, the cycle repeats - different place, same shit.

did the lack of influence or impact factor in the trigger? what would you suggest someone attempt to do to turn the situation around?

i'm trying to figure out how do you know if you're the one who should "change", not others, especially if that person is in a (senior or executive) position to affect change (i'm not familiar with your background so i switched to 3rd person)

everyone seems to want to see the company or the product do well (or so that's what they want others to hear)... but each one has a different interpretation in their head

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Ah yes.

If I'm the founder or in the exec role, it would be different.

If I believe in the misdion and have power to make a drastic change (recent example would be Elon and Twitter), I would consider that option. I would consider to change: People + Culture + Strategy.

In my case, I'm not in that position. So it was obvious I needed to change and I can't affect the environment around me.

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thanks for your thoughts, Budi

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