That’s what people say when you’re about to quit the company.

February 2023

If you're genuinely interested in something, learning will be effortless.
Why do you feel this tingling sense of trust when you look at Apple's logo?

January 2023

I usually organize my week with to-do lists. The tasks that I want to do to help me progress with my goals. But sometimes, only doing the tasks feel dry…
The first prompt for this newsletter!
Oh, the customers want the page to be colorful. Let's make it colorful.
Without insights, we might as well go to the Casino and say, "All in."
I will run the first cohort of workshop this month.

December 2022

The way you operate and execute is going to be different depending on the company’s phase.

November 2022

Scientists have figured their method, known as a scientific method. For creative people, like us, we need a creative method
If we have a glass with water in it—the water is at the halfway mark. We either see it as half-full or half-empty.
I often fall into a burnout cycle. So I did a bit of a research, here are a few insights that might be useful and help you change your viewpoint about…