hii to everyone seeing this chat. My name is Via, currently taking a gap year to learn more about design and tech. My biggest fear right now is uncertainty: (1) is it even possible to land a product design internship during the gloomy, tech winter? (2) uni things - am I able to get a scholarship to achieve my dream to study abroad?

I haven’t overcome those fears yet as it constantly resides in my mind. But some mantra and actions I tried doing are: (1) being vulnerable - as in accepting that failure is part of the process (2) being prepared - keeping my head high just in case a sudden opportunity arises (3) resilience - being adaptive once plans goes south and ability to bounce back to continue moving forward.

Those are indeed, very easy to type and say in contrary to the reality which is difficult to do and practice 😅.

Anyways, wishing everyone the best and hopefully we all can conquer our fears!

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Hi Via, thanks for being generous and sharing this with us.

Really good mindsets! I think being prepared is definitely resonates with me. If you prepare enough, you will ready to take the opportunity when it come.

Wishing you the best in your journey ahead!

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Hi Budi, I'm Amar a self-thought designer that now in 3rd years of official career as a UI/UX Designer. I'm currently working in Lithuania with American Based company and faced this fear all the time. My fear comes from several causes:

- I'm a self-thought designer, can't validate weather I'm good on this design process

- I can't speak english fluently, due to many thing in the past that make me struggle to understand it correctly

- I'm terrified to make a small mistakes. Thus, I always avoiding a meeting with stakeholders

What I did to solve this problem?

- I tried to forget about validation, as mentioned on the prompt taking action is very valuable. Whatever I thought better to do some action and you will know which things works and not.

- I start to practice with different way to get my perfect practice style. I just realize we'll never make it if avoid it.

- I eager to join at any conversation and activities. The best thing ever I got in my career is I decided to join the winter fest party. We're dance, chat, and did that's type of socialization. I felt more 'free" of that's feeling. After achieved this, I'd like to continue and exploits my weakness more.

Thanks Budi to writing this, I'm your followers since my Junior Career. More or less, you have helped me to reach this step with your thought. I wish we can meet someday! :)

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Hi Amar.

Thank you for being generous and sharing this with us.

I started my career worrying about my english fluency too. I can fully understand what you write here. So, as long as the other people understand, that's already a good foundation. You then improve bit by bit. Keep it up!

Thank you, I'm really happy that my content has been helpful.

Sending you a positive energy!


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Jan 24, 2023Liked by Budi Tanrim

Hello, my name is yolenta, and now I am working as a Design-Lead in a Design firm, but it is not in a tech -company.

Talking about tech-company, after I joined some of the community, and talk with some people, I realized that I am surrounded by people that work in tech-company and I asked a lot about how their experiences, chances, connections, and knowledge which amazed me. Frankly speaking, I felt grateful about how I can really learn and talked with them, but at some point, I also feel inferior, fearful, and doubtful about what I am doing right now. I am scared that I am not really learning enough and end up missing something that people already accomplish at a young age, without knowing that maybe I am just running at the same point and not going anywhere.

in those hard times, I questioned myself: whether I should take a path to change my career? although I know that this is not an easy decision for me.

sometimes this thing makes me can’t focus on what I am doing right now. I am starting to complain about this and that in my work, and it's ended up with a not-so-productive day. As time goes by, I’ve realized that it isn’t because I am upset about my work, but because I haven’t dug deep into my work yet. I am just stuck with what I am having right now and didn’t search for something bigger and great about my work. I pretend not to learn anymore, because I thought everything that I have is enough. Otherwise, it’s not. Then every time I felt like this again I just talk to myself that it is not about my work, but because I am who lack knowledge and need to learn more and more. And then the result is I always find my way back and brings up new knowledge to share.

Because of that, I want to thank you for your prompt. This question is bring back my fear and doubt but with a different perspective and solution. Good luck with your cohort course.

PS: I am proud that I have graduated from the same uni as you. hehe :D

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Hey ko Budi, thank you for sharing your fear and your vulnerability. I'm Freddy currently working at Tech company as a Designer. The last time I feel fear is actually at this current moment. It is a fear of the unknown.

A fear of the unknown is a fear that I think everyone can get. When we talk about the unknown, it makes me uncomfortable. I think I'm the person who would like to know before I do something. I need to have assurances from the knowledge/contexts that I receive and I can do what from those.

In my case, I have this fear due to the unstable condition of the economy that impacts me. Technically, it is outside my control I know. However, it's scary to think about the unknown that can impact you.

What I get from your story is, fear is a normal thing and everybody has it as well as the impostor. We can respond to it and control what we can do. Shifting the impostor thought into a learning mindset is a good thing that I can try when I face impostor syndrome.

Moreover, you help me to prompt my own fear and pour it into writing that helps me to navigate my emotion better. You "trigger" me to do the same to prompt my own thoughts and feelings in a medium that I can find comfortable for myself. So, thank you I really mean it. Best of luck with your Cohort Course!

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Hi Freddy. Thank you for sharing your thought!

The unknown and uncertainty is always part of our life. I hope you can take action to what you can control to put you in the condition that not fragile to face the unknown. There's one interesting book about this: Antifragile (maybe you want to check it out)

Sending you a positive vibe!

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Jan 18, 2023Liked by Budi Tanrim

I feel so much fear and anxiety several months ago because of burnout, affected my physical health and mind. Now, since my health is improved, i slowly realize my source of frustation is

Feel stuck in my jobs, and fear of being left out

I work as programmer in the same company same team for about 5 year and didn't get promoted or get chance to work on more challenging project. That makes me feel not good enough in my job, and being left out. So, I push myself work harder, but I still can not see positive result. All of this accumulated and trigger the burnout.

Until today , "Resign" is very tempting option, but it there is one question i still try to figure out "What i really want to do after ?"

So for now, I keep working while prompting myself to answer this question.

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Hi Putri,

It's good that you started to realize what the root of your frustration.

I hope you can compose a plan and find the way through it!

Sending you a positive vibe!

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Jan 18, 2023Liked by Budi Tanrim

Fear is familiar to me.

The fear of being left behind and not doing my best.

Even though I kept trying, I still felt left behind and felt inadequate. Moreover, now I work as a solo designer in a company where there are not so many opportunities for me to implement my ideas, it is even quite difficult for me to work linearly according to my title. Here I felt fear that I would be left behind by my friends who were much more precise in preparing for their career development. But I will still try my best every chance I get.

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Hi Olivia,

I hope you can find a way to identify blockers that stopping you from implementing you ideas. And then plan ahead on how to experiment and grow yourself. Even if it's a little thing.

Good luck!

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Jan 17, 2023Liked by Budi Tanrim

Well, I might got 2

1. Working as a product designer - I'm on my way to applying to jobs related to digital product design, I always got worried caused I've never been passed the hiring even for an interview. But it does not make me feel the pressure of impostor because when I do compare it with my experience of working with other designers, I'm pretty confident to realize that I got my own superpowers. I think it's just a matter of time.

2. The way I spoke or presented things - This is the thing I'm still working on and experimenting with caused oftentimes my spoke was clumsy enough that I couldn't convey the message I want to. But I already saw the improvements and slowly realized the concept and mindset to get my speaking clearly & sync with my thinking.

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Thank you for sharing with us.

It's good that you still see the positive light. The rejection comes from a lot of factors, including the tech winter situation. So it's good to separate the outcome from your identity.

Keep up the good work on the self improvement!

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