I usually organize my week with to-do lists. The tasks that I want to do to help me progress with my goals. But sometimes, only doing the tasks feel dry…
A private space for us to converse and connect
Just like we play a game. We must balance the offense and defense.
The first prompt for this newsletter!
Oh, the customers want the page to be colorful. Let's make it colorful.
Who is this bag for? Is it for teenagers who want to look stylish? Or is it for lawyers who need to bring lots of documents?
Use this framework to structure your intuition
Without insights, we might as well go to the Casino and say, "All in."
I will run the first cohort of workshop this month.

December 2022

Your boss tells you to build a feature. Then what? You might jump and build that idea. But you know there’s a risk: you launch it and no one uses it.
Look back: the most loved posts in 2022
Ten small things I realized and habits I picked up throughout this 2022.