Are you looking for a 1:1 thinking partner?

This coaching is for you who need a thinking partner for your design career. Whether you’re looking for a new job, want to solve some work challenges, or improve your perspective. I’d love to help.

(Currently not available)


Do you have a one-off session?
I don’t offer a one-off session because it can’t get deep enough. I believe long-term sessions work better and enable you to get continuous support in navigating your career.

Why I can only pick one date on your calendar?
Please pick the first date for our meeting. Then, we will arrange the other 2 sessions manually that will work for our schedule.



Are you looking to level up together with peers?

From time to time, I hold a cohort-based course. The benefit of this is you get access to premium resources, frameworks, and worksheets. You also get a chance to connect with like-minded people. You can check out the Product Execution workshop.


From the talk with Budi, I realized that a career in design/general is no different from the design process itself. It's an ongoing process, it's about setting up your goal (it can be the impact you want to make or the amount of money you want to make), understanding the problems you have now, and hopefully, you make the decision without any regret. And finally, we reflect again on what are the next steps going forward. My action point would be re-examining what I really want to pursue from my career in the future, reflecting on my current condition (professionally and psychologically), and maximizing each of the steps I take from now on.
Neem Sutantio, Experience Designer

Besides giving insightful feedback, Budi also asked on-point questions, which helped me rediscover my work and career.
Gilang, Product Designer

I find the sessions very insightful! I learned a lot in every single session, I feel like I 'grow' as a person, as a designer after (only) a few sessions with Ka Budi. I can say that Ka Budi is a very wonderful mentor and brainstorming partner! He always create a positive atmosphere for me to grow, he celebrates progress and small wins. I love everything about the sessions. Ka Budi helped me to understand my challenges better. Yes, he summarized it in points (which is really helpful for me) then shared some practical suggestions/insights. He didn't stop there, he always make sure that I understand and know what's going to be my next step. Here are some of my top takeaways : Write, write, write. Collaborate cross-functional. And as what he always says, focus on outcome.
—Elva, Product Designer

My main goal during the mentorship program is to learn about stakeholders management, as I believe it is the key to build better products. The top takeaways I get from the 1:1 session with Budi on the mentorship program so far is: Budi coached me that to master stakeholders management, I have to build a genuine relationship with them. I have to try to understand each stakeholder's priorities, I need to uncover the reason behind each decision they made and understand each demand they have to truly support the business side. So far, I've been doing it and things have been good at my current company! Thanks to Budi!
—Julian, Product Designer