Short essays about life principles or work principles, written in a list format.

So, working with people is complex. How do you handle conflict? Perhaps you feel that person is really weird. But before you label and resent that…
Identifying scope upfront can help you align with your team and avoid surprises along the way. What are the principles to keep in mind when scoping your…
There are a lot of nuances in the career advancement. Consider these principles:
Are you joining a new organization? Here are some principles to consider
Happy is only one feeling, and society falsely aims at happiness as a goal.
You might no longer relate to your old friend anymore. Perhaps you’ve evolved, and they’ve changed as well. We’re all busy with our lives, but don’t…
In 1482, Leonardo da Vinci moved to Milan. He was a master—people admire his painting. But he absurdly introduced himself as a military engineer to…
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